Team Building

OPTIMAL TEAM BUILDINGThe Optimal Leader Teamwork

Team building rarely happens by accident. It takes deliberate and conscious effort. A powerful team building program is developed by:

    • Gathering information about the organization and its strategy.
    • Gathering information about the team and its goals, objectives, strategy, and expected deliverables.
    • Gathering specific and current data about the team’s strengths, short and long term challenges, and cohesiveness.
    • Analyzing the data to determine the most critical development needs of the team.
    • Designing and delivering a practical and interactive team building program with sustainable solutions.

Each Team Building workshop is designed specifically for that team because every team has its own DNA. We have deep experience helping new teams form Team Compacts – stated guidelines which will drive their behavior and create a high-performing team culture. We also use psychometrics in our team building sessions to help teams uncover what their collective strengths are as a team and also where the team might need to consciously focus on improving.

Some of the data we may gather to help your team identify sustainable solutions are:

      • MBTI
      • DISC
      • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Indicator
      • 360 Peer Review