There is a wealth of unrealized capacity that resides in all of us. We help clients tap into their unrealized capacity to perform at their optimal level and ultimately, lead more fulfilling lives. Our executive coaching services are customized for specific leadership and managerial situations to develop current leaders and their capacity to improve bottom-line results.  We target areas such as: strategic problem solving and decision making, interpersonal and leadership style, collaborative relationship strategies, conflict transformation, team development, and work/life balance with a focus on personal success.  More information on our coaching services is available here.


There is pressure in organizations today to do more with less.  At the same time, there is growing emphasis on the team as the medium to improve results. Unfortunately, most teams and team leaders lack the training needed to be effective in the world of teams.  As a result, it’s no surprise that most teams are not performing at their optimal level.  In our Optimal Team Coaching sessions, we work with teams to guide the performance outcomes need to achieve.

We start with the premise that the team is a living system, more than the sum of the individual parts. The system has rules of behavior that are mostly unspoken, implicit, and yet strictly observed. Understanding how the system works and how to work with the team as a system is fundamental.  Next, we identify 5 key areas that impact team performance. We also perform a diagnostic to measure the trust on the team to make sure the team is operating in an optimal environment to execute on the desired outcomes.


Live Your Jam Coaching is for people who are interested in finding more meaning in their life. Jam is the intersection of passion and skills. When you are actively applying your skills to your passion – you Live Your Jam. We take you through a proven coaching methodology with tools and processes that help you Find Your Jam, Live Your Jam, and Spread Your Jam.  Our philosophy is that Living Your Jam may be vocational or avocational — you can make a living doing your Jam or not.  We know that meaning is more important that money and we start there because it’s been our experience that once you start with meaning, the rest will follow. Please go to for more information on our services.