Meeting Facilitation


The average business professional attends 60 meeting a month. Yet, those same professionals report that 50% of those meetings are a waste of time. You can’t get your time back, but you can improve your meeting skills.

At The Optimal Leader, we are passionate about well-run meetings. We know first-hand that it is very difficult to participate in leadership meetings when you are also running the meeting.  We will design and facilitate the meeting for you or we will coach you to achieve your optimal meeting performance.

Optimal Facilitation Services

When you have the right facilitator you can actually participate in meetings and not have to perform two jobs at the same time.  We have facilitated many meetings and understand how to achieve high quality and deliver results. Plus, we think it’s important to have a little fun. Engagement in meetings is directly related to “doing”, so we also include hands-on activities to help people reach decisions and drive key actions.

Optimal Meeting Coaching

We observe your meetings and over a series of sessions and then help you optimize your facilitation skills so you can deliver masterful meetings.

  • Do your meetings start and end on time?
  • Do you get buy-in from key stakeholders before the meeting?
  • Does your agenda align with what you need to accomplish?
  • Do your meetings get the desired results and produce what you planned?
  • Do you utilize full-spectrum decision-making?
  • Do you keep energy-levels high and the focus consistent?
  • Do you achieve active participation from all members?
  • Do certain groups or individuals dominate the meeting?
  • Do you verify all agreements and make sure there’s an agreed upon due date or next step?
  • Do you utilize best practices for addressing dysfunctional meeting behavior?
  • Do people want to attend your meetings?

There are many components to creating a good meeting. We work with leaders to optimize their meeting skills to make the meetings they lead…matter.

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The use of virtual meetings has grown at 80% percent in global companies and roughly half of the workforce now belongs on a global team. The ability to lead virtual meetings in today’s global business economy is now a required critical skill. Yet, the average virtual meeting today lacks energy and results.

At the Optimal Leader, we understand that virtual meetings are different creatures than co-located (face-to-face) meetings. As leaders of virtual meetings, we have to be more strategic about optimizing participant engagement and getting the intended results.  Just as in on-site meetings, it is incredibly challenging to facilitate a meeting that you are also participating in.  But, virtual meetings face even different challenges which make facilitation even more challenging.