Welcome to The Optimal Leader!

We specialize in leadership development, executive coaching, and helping teams optimize. We use a variety of organizational development best practices, productivity tools, and world class assessments to help our clients attain their goals.

Free Meeting Consultation

Are your meetings optimized?

The Optimal Leader will audit one of your meetings free of charge and provide you with our expert consultative advice on how to improve your meetings.

Some of the meetings we have audited include:

  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Board of Director Meetings
  • Staff Meetings
  • Quarterly Leadership Meetings
  • Daily SCRUMs
  • Weekly Status Meetings
  • Project Planning Meetings
  • Process Improvement
  • System Requirements
  • Team Review
  • Weekly 1:1s

Optimal Virtual Meetings

Do get high participation and full-spectrum decisions made in your virtual meetings?

The use of virtual meetings has grown at 80 percent in global companies. Also, 50% of employees now belong to virtual teams. The ability to lead virtual meetings in today’s global business economy is now a required critical skill.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the role virtual meetings play in the current business environment
  • Uncover how virtual meetings are different than co-located (face-to-face) meetings
  • Utilize a well researched facilitation model for creating virtual meetings that are productive, well-designed and engaging
  • Learn the current technological mediums for virtual meetings and how to select the best medium for your meeting goals
  • Apply best practices for facilitating virtual Q&A sessions
  • Effectively create best practices from post meeting feedback to continuously improve the virtual participant experience